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Travel copywriting

The need for travel content has changed. Brands don’t just need to get external press coverage to reach people. Potential and current customers also expect businesses to be producing their own inspirational and engaging content. Travel content marketing is the new buzz-phrase. It’s no wonder, either. Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional advertising and generates at least 4x the engagement (Demand Metric).


I bring my 20+ years of travel writing experience to help travel and hospitality providers bridge this gap.


I work with hotels, travel agencies, restaurants, business hospitality providers and globally-minded companies to write their content. This ranges from social media posts and e-newsletter copy, to ongoing blogs, total website rewrites and entire brochure content.


I’ve worked with brands as diverse as the Lonely Planet and University College London, so I’m no stranger to adapting to tones of voice and editorial styles accordingly. 


Here’s just some of the travel copy I write for my clients:


Website content
I write website copy that makes the original features of hotels, tour operators and destinations stand out. Drawing on keyword research and web writing experience, I write SEO-optimised content that doesn’t come across as ‘keyword stuffing’. Website content projects I’ve worked on range from re-writing individual pages or landing pages, to producing the content for whole websites. English-speaking audiences notice when content has been written by a native English writer too, so I also help global companies ensure their English content is perfect.


Blogs and travel content marketing
Regularly produced, engaging and inspiring travel content keeps travel brands relevant, driving traffic to their websites. Evidence shows that companies who blog regularly have significantly more engagement and bookings. Websites with blogs have a staggering 434% more indexed pages (TechClient), meaning they’re much more visible in search engines including Google. I write blogs about service offerings, destinations and travel inspiration. In turn, these feed social media channels and e-newsletters with original content.


Social media content
Travel related social media content makes a huge difference to travel and hospitality brands. When social media is part of a customer’s journey, they convert at a 129% higher rate and they’re 4x more likely to spend a higher amount of money (Deloitte). With years of social media content and management experience, I write engaging copy for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and other channels. I also have a compelling track record of growing social media channel followings.


E-newsletters and email campaigns
Reminding potential and former customers you’re still there is crucial to any travel or hospitality brand. In fact, targeted e-newsletters are said to generate 58% of all digital revenue (The Direct Marketing Association). I write and manage e-newsletter mail-outs with engaging subject lines and need-to-know content.


White papers, e-books and brochures
Gaining the trust and respect of your audiences is key and sometimes long form content is the way to do this. I research and write specialist white papers and e-books about destinations, trends and service offerings, which some clients use as gated content. Copywriting travel brochures, leaflets and other print material are also projects my journalism, editing and book writing skills are crucial for.


Other areas I work in:

  • Editorial calendar production and management

  • Uploading content and blogs to content management systems

  • Sourcing and editing images

  • Social media campaigns and channel set-up

  • Website user testing

  • Professional responses to online reviews, e.g. on TripAdvisor

  • Hotel site visits and experience reports identifying areas for improvement


I quote for each project individually, based on the amount of research and writing time required. My clients find that working with an individual rather than an agency is always more cost effective. Working with me means you’ll always be dealing with the same person and you get the benefit of my specialist experience too.


Get in touch
If you have a travel copywriting project you’d like to discuss with me, I’d love to hear from you. You can email me at:

 sasha [at] or via my contact form.

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