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That’s the purpose of my writing.


The world is crowded with words. So how do you make yours stand out?

Creating connections through copy

Sasha Arms freelance copywriter
Sasha Arms copywritter and communications consultant

I’ve been a copywriter and communications professional since 2004, so I’ve had time to refine my craft.


For me, it always comes down to the same three principles:


What are you really trying to say, and to who?


Strip out the fluff and jargon to understand what you need to communicate.


(And if you’re not sure, I can help with your key message creation).


Plain English is not dumbing down, it’s delivering your messages with laser clarity.


It’s about having confidence in an idea and saying it, without overdoing the superlatives.


Bringing a little x factor to your content to engage with actual people.


Tone of voice is everything – it must feel like ‘you’.


Let’s own it!

These concepts drive every piece of copy I write. I work mostly with the travel, hospitality and higher education sectors on a vast range of copy needs. 

This includes regular SEO-friendly web copy, blogs and snappy email content, carefully crafted to engage and convert. 

It includes interviewing subject specialists and writing case studies to enhance brand recognition and connect with stakeholders. 

And it includes much bigger projects too. I’ve written and designed the information architecture (IA) for new websites, brochures and product offerings. I’ve crafted brand stories and key messages from scratch. Plus I’ve ghostwritten thought leadership pieces to help experts get ahead in their industries. 

Outside of travel, hospitality and higher education, I’ve also worked in a range of other sectors. Prior to becoming a full time freelancer in 2017, I worked in a variety of copy, communications and marketing roles, which brings a deeper level of expertise to my copywriting. My ability to jump into a project with an open and inquisitive mindset – and quickly pick up the relevant tone of voice – makes me a versatile copywriter. 


Good copy creates connections, whatever your business focus.

Sasha Arms copywriting and communications
Sasha Arms copywriting services

Oh, and did I mention that I’m a travel writer too? I’ve contributed content to the likes of the BBC, Lonely Planet, Bradt and more. I’ve written five city guides and a book about the islands on the River Thames. And I’m a proud member of the British Guild of Travel Writers.

Sasha Arms travel writer
Sasha Arms experienced travel writer


"Sasha is an excellent additional resource to the team when we need to flex up content production capacity. She works diligently and to deadline with well-crafted articles to support our opinion editorials as well as industry insight pieces. I can confidently say I can leave her to get on with it, and if any adaptations are needed she's super responsive."
Ryan Haynes, Director, Haynes MarComs

“We were extremely happy with the case studies that Sasha produced for us, which really brought to life the difference seed funding can make to UCL’s international collaborations. Sasha was brilliant to work with: organised, proactive and reliable, and she produced high quality work that made a real difference to our campaign. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend working with her.”
Sophie Vinter, Senior Global Engagement Communications Manager, UCL

"Sasha's passion and drive were essential in establishing the Urban Travel Blog brand, as well as sustaining our success over many years. As a travel writer, she has the invaluable 'parachute' quality of being able to land in and write about any destination with authority, and she's a bona fide expert on multiple regions around the world. She needs very little direction to understand what is required for the story, and never fails to deliver quality copy on time."
Duncan Rhodes, Editor + Blogger-in-Chief, Urban Travel Blog

"Sasha has worked for us on numerous projects over the last few years – producing everything from website copy and volunteer project descriptions, to blogs, social media posts and interviews with volunteers to generate new content. She is always very reliable, extremely fast and accurate – always understanding our brand, the way we work and what we want from her very quickly. Everything she delivers is of such high quality that we never need to review or edit it. Sasha also has a good strategic mind, helping us to think forward and plan our next steps as a company."
Isabelle Klumper, Director, Travel to Grow

"When I was looking for a travel writer to write and develop the Carl Goes series of travel books, I wasn’t looking for a Matcha-slurping hipster, but rather someone who knows the travel industry well, who takes deadlines, quality and briefing seriously. This is exactly what I found with Sasha. She’s reliable, a good researcher and brings an analytical view to the subject. She understands different cultures and always finds the right people to talk to and interview. Sasha knows her way around the online world as much as the print world, moving seamlessly between the two."
Sascha Mengerink, Publisher, Carl Goes travel guides

"Sasha’s copywriting work for UCL Arts & Humanities has been invaluable; she absolutely nailed the brief in terms of what we were seeking to achieve: well-crafted, engaging and informative copy, well-pitched to the target audiences. Sasha was a pleasure to work with and she very quickly understood what we needed, asking questions and for further information where needed, but was able to proactively deliver high-quality and compelling copy encapsulating the tone and distinctiveness about our faculty, departments and courses. I would not hesitate to recommend Sasha to others and would certainly work with her again to fulfil our copywriting needs."
Emma Gutteridge-Xu, Marketing & Communications Manager, UCL Arts & Humanities

"We hadn’t refreshed our brand tone of voice for more than 15 years, so we had a vast amount of information and ideas that we needed someone to make sense of. Sasha was able to filter and refine our ‘brain dump’ into a refreshed brand language that we were delighted with. She has a natural talent to pinpoint key messages too, and she delivered all our content in a way our clients were genuinely compelled to engage with."
Katie Allen, Director, Crème Conferences

"We have worked with Sasha to develop various content for B2B marketing in the travel technology sector – and I can honestly say that she is simply the best copywriter we have ever worked with. Based on well-understood briefings, she develops very valuable content in a format that perfectly matches our tone of voice, supporting our marketing in exactly the intended way. She works very independently and effectively based on the input we provide and her own intensive research. One of our product owners once said: ‘I wish I could write like that’ – while approving one of her white papers without major edits. I can only agree."
Helge Moser, Marketing Director, bd4travel

"We have been working with Sasha for a few years now and couldn’t be happier. She always approaches subjects with a positive spin, is flexible, fast, well researched and manages to make a point with a positive message. All within a realistic timeline. Sasha adapts her writing to our different audiences very easily and will also suggest topics that she thinks are relevant to our business according to what is going on in the world."
Rita Sousa, Marketing Manager, Sundial Group

“Sasha was great to work with – calm and methodical but also creative and great at coming up with solutions, particularly in the face of multiple viewpoints. The work she carried out on our website straightened out several years of fragmentation and helped us to start looking forward from the digital perspective.”

Rachel Anderson, Department Manager, UCL School of European Languages, Culture, and Society (UCL SELCS)

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