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Freelance Content Manager

Do you need someone to produce and manage your content, without the expense of adding someone to the payroll?


This is an increasingly popular and cost-effective way for businesses to manage areas of their communications and marketing function.


Experienced in a broad range of industries, subjects and themes, I work with clients as a Freelance Content Manager, taking responsibility for an area of work that is often too time-consuming to manage in-house.


How does it work?

Before we start working together, I’ll get together with a client to understand exactly what the content needs are. I can deliver ad hoc content as and when it’s required, but it often works better to agree on a monthly package of content that I’ll manage. Every client has specific needs, or parts of a MarComms function they are desperate for someone else to take responsibility for. We’ll work this out together to ensure I take on the areas where you need most help.


These are just some of the content management tasks I fulfil for clients:

  • Creating monthly content calendars to plan exactly what content is required from month to month

  • Writing an agreed number of blogs and news items for a website per month

  • Researching the industry landscape to suggest new content ideas

  • Writing new website pages and SEO-rich landing pages

  • Uploading and publishing content to websites via content management systems (CMS)

  • Image selection and picture editing

  • Writing e-newsletter copy, template development and managing e-newsletter mailing systems

  • Creating social media posts, and publishing posts using social media management tools

  • Checking website pages for accuracy and continuing timeliness

  • Writing copy for printed materials, including leaflets, brochures, posters and flyers.


Sometimes my clients need a one-off piece of work to reinvigorate an area of their communications or marketing. This can include:


  • Content strategy – developing an approach to content marketing that will improve website traffic, engage more customers and help achieve business goals.

  • Website refresh – improving the visuals, navigation, content and ability to edit content.

  • Brand language and tone of voice development or redevelopment – including rewriting core information about a brand, such as the ‘About us’ website page.

  • Social media strategy – including which channels you should focus on for the best impact, hashtag research and developing the right tone for your posts.


Once we’ve agreed on how I can best support your content, you can think of me as a freelance extension of your team. We’ll plan the work in the way that best suits you – then you can leave me to it, safe in the knowledge your content will be taken care of. 


What skills do I bring?

  • Content has been my bread and butter since 2004, as I’m an experienced copywriter, communications professional and content manager.

  • I’ve worked across a range of sectors – travel, universities, charities, food, social enterprises…and more.

  • I’m experienced at all things related to search engine optimisation (SEO) and integrate specific keywords and phrases into the copy I write, without interfering with readability and engagement.

  • I’ve used a whole range of content management systems (CMS) to upload content and change the look and feel of a website – so I can usually slot right into whichever system you use.

  • I’ve worked inside and outside of businesses, so I know you just want to have confidence in someone to do a good job and deliver on time. You can trust me to do this – and that’s why I’ve been working with many of my clients for a number of years.


Get in touch

If you need a Freelance Content Manager, I’d love to hear from you. Feel free to email me at: 
sasha [at] or use my contact form.

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