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Case study: The Runnymede + The Athenaeum – blogs, emails, content calendar

Marketing teams in the hotel sector are constantly juggling a huge variety of priorities, leaving little time or creative headspace to create new content. This was the case for the team at The Runnymede on Thames when I first started working with them in 2017. 

Initially, I started writing six blogs a month for them to help bring the hotel and its offering to life. This included highlighting new offers, interviewing staff for ‘behind the scenes’ stories, celebrating local history and attractions, and writing guides and itineraries for guests. 

Happy with the success of consistently publishing interesting blogs, the team invited me to become more deeply involved with their content production. This included monthly meetings to work on the forthcoming content calendar together, and to write their monthly email sequences targeted to a variety of different audiences. 


After a few months of working together, the marketing team at The Runnymede introduced me to the marketing team at The Athenaeum. They had similar needs for a copywriter to produce good quality blog and email content on a regular basis, but with a different audience to The Runnymede. I went on to write regular blog and email content suitable for their channels.

As well as keeping the blogs and email sequences populated with content for both hotels, I have also worked on a variety of special copywriting projects for these clients. This includes web copy, landing pages for marketing campaigns, and copy for new initiatives such as partnerships with renowned designers.

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