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Tegucigalpa: Planes, the Strange, and Incomparable Thrills
The beer is called a “lifesaver”, invitations to appear on television shows dressed in strange attire is apparently matter-of-course, and evenings spent with new Honduran friends more-often-than-not turn into soap-opera-esque ‘telenovelas’. There’s nowhere else quite like Tegucigalpa, says WAYN’s travel writer Sasha Arms.


When you hear the pilot hold his breath before landing, you know the trip ahead is going to mark the beginning of some form of milestone moment in your life. The reason for this sharp intake of aforementioned breath is because landing in the Honduran capital of Tegucigalpa is one of the toughest on the globe: the single runway is one of the shortest in the world and the mountainous terrain surrounding it makes the approach treacherous...

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