Reykjavik: Reinterpreting Icelandic staples


“Reykjavik today offers a glimpse of time-honoured traditions within the context of a burgeoning food scene that’s really starting to swivel heads.” Sasha Arms writes exclusively for FOUR…

Our food journey began at Grillmarket, where chef and owner Hrefna Rósa Sætran serves earthy flavours in a folksy setting that’s all oddly shaped wooden panels and cosy booths. Michelin-trained Sætran stays true to her Icelandic setting by whetting the appetite with black volcanic salt accompanying the sultana bread and butter. It’s her avant-garde take on dried fish that’s most intriguing at Grillmarket. White fish is typically wind dried in sheds across Iceland for months at a time, and is still a popular snack for Icelanders. Icelandic biltong, if you will...

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