A selection of clips from my portfolio.

Travel writing

Moon to the Maldives

Interview feature with Buzz Aldrin.

 Reinterpreting Iceland

A food feature about Reykjavik for FOUR Magazine.

Editorial Director: edition 1

Feature planning, commissioning + editing.

Cape Town: Southern Jewel

Itinerary style feature about Cape Town.

Long weekend in York

48 hours in York feature for annual film festival.

Four Seasons Private Jet

Feature introducing the new concept by Four Seasons.

Michelin star chef Skye Gyngell

Interview feature with Skye Gyngell. 

In search of the unusual

Globetrotter feature about travel tips.

Launch edition content

Multiple editorials for launch + subsequent editions.


London Islands

Book about the islands + islanders of the River Thames.


Creative city guide to Amsterdam for living like a local.


Creative city guide to Berlin for living like a local.


Creative city guide to Leipzig for living like a local.


Creative city guide to London for living like a local.


Creative city guide to documenta-Stadt Kassel.

Client work


Website copy, project descriptions, blogs + communications direction.

Hotel blog

Support + blog copywriting to establish the hotel's online 'Journal'.


Sponsored magazine content about the Maldives.

Tourist board

Website + blog copy for a tourism marketing body in Germany.

Travel tech

Case studies, white papers + blogs for a B2B travel tech company.

Hotel re-launch

Website copy for a re-launching hotel and apartment provider in Herzliya. 

Leisure + business

Blogs + downloadable guides about events, learning + development.

Tour operator + DMC

Website, blog, news + corporate content for a Vietnamese company.

University projects

Website + print copy, case studies, feature writing + user testing.