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Hacienda San Lucas—Copán, Honduras
Nestled in the hills close to the Guatemalan border in Honduras, Hacienda San Lucas is the best choice near Copán, an enchanting delight fusing Maya tradition with romantic luxury.


Hacienda San Lucas is a hundred year-old property that has been owned by the same family for generations. The current owner, Flavia Cueva, converted the charming hacienda into an eco-lodge seven years ago. The rooms, found in simple lodges, are anything but plain inside. Mood lighting and candles create a perfectly romantic but homey ambience, whilst comfortable beds with indigenous-spun bed covers adorn the rooms. Nights can be chilly in the mountainous region, so hot-water baths are the ultimate respite to fresh and exhilarating days. Don't come here for amenities though: there are no TVs, radios, air conditioning, or other gadgets...

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