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Islands represent freedom, independence and creativity. They appear and disappear over time, according to weather events, water flow and intervention by people. Islands have an enduring and often romantic appeal. Being closer to nature, at the mercy of the elements and somewhere as distinctive as an island makes us feel alive.


Often associated with seas and oceans, fewer people realise there are islands on rivers too. When we discovered there are up to 200 islands on the River Thames – the iconic river that runs through the centre of London and beyond – we had to find out more. 

  • Interviews with more than 20 islanders, including one of the last interviews with Trevor Baylis OBE CBE, plus interviews with Dean Macey, Blaine and Henry Harrison from The Mystery Jets, and more

  • An insight into every island on the River Thames between Canvey Island and Monkey Island

  • Tips on the best way to experience each island


Size: 240 x 170 mm, 224 pages
Format: full colour, soft cover
Language: English
ISBN: 978-94-92181-05-3

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